He fell in love with River Ice, what he did next will surprise you...

He says being in nature taught him to be what he really is. He says, it's like everything that he thinks he is falls away, and then he is just himself, which is Love. His life was not easy. He suffered a lot and was lost in depression for a lot of years, so he was so happy to finally find this love living within himself.

He thinks this is what we are all looking for, all the time, that we are all looking for ourselves, and this Self is Love.

Then he was introduced to an oracle system from China called the I Ching by his Father. He began to consult the I Ching for questions he was having about his life. He was so amazed by what he was shown through the wisdom of the Oracle that he often thought it was magic or something. It seemed like the words changed to say exactly what he needed to hear. Over time he realized that the wisdom was pointing him to the same thing that nature was.

The I Ching was also teaching him how to be himself, and in that Self he only found love. So he began to see that he had this truth within himself that was always in love with life. He started making all his choices in life based on this feeling of truth and love within himself and amazing things started to happen.


( Some of my Colorado Om Beautiful Souls )

All kinds of magic opened up in his life. He fell in love, traveled the world, became friends with so many beautiful souls, had many spiritual awakenings that changed his relationship to life, and all and all, he fell in love with life itself. In fact, he became the Source of Love.

He began to notice that he was living in reality in way that most other people were not. He saw everyone suffering in all these old stories that were not really what they are. He knew they had forgotten that they were Love like he had. He started wondering why, and how he could help others to awaken to this same potential within themselves.


Along his journey he had fallen in love with River Ice. Walking the rivers in winter he would watch the ice change from day to day. He marveled at the beauty of sunlight shining in the ice. The colors and textures were so beautiful and they emanated that same loving essence that he had found within himself. He started taking pictures of the ice and over time he started making art out of the photographs.


One day the idea came to him to make a card deck based on the I Ching. He thought since nature and the I Ching had helped him to awaken to a profound Peace and Love within himself, that the two together could make an amazing tool to help people remember what they are. So he went to work.

He loves sacred geometry because he found that it is the language that nature speaks. All things in reality are based on these geometry patterns. He also loved Mandalas because their perfection helps peoples minds connect with the Love within themselves.


So he started making Mandalas out of these photographs and putting them together to match the oracle wisdom of the I Ching. The I Ching is a system of 64 unique energies of consciousness, so it took a long time to make these mandalas to match and amplify the essence of each energy. He spent hundreds of hours crafting the mandalas to visual perfection and beauty.

He also sat for hours and hours with the energy of each I Ching code to fully embody its wisdom, so he could summarize their essence into a few profound and beautiful words that gave the energy life. He became immersed in the beauty and the wisdom of this ancient system and now he could see how profound and complete it was as a magical system of self transformation.


( Celebrating Life together at 13 Moons in Carbondale, Colorado )

Once the cards were out and people were using them, he realized how amazing and profound the system was that he had made. He had created a simple and beautiful new way for people to access this ancient wisdom and it was effecting people deeply. He saw peoples lives change, tears brought to their eyes, and a real Joy for life came over him to be helping others find what he had.

He realized that this wisdom and love is here in every moment. We just need something to remind us who we are, so that we can remember that we are Love.


( My son Remi in the Big Thompson river in Loveland )

It's not easy being a human. We so easily get lost in everything and forget who we are, but the Love that lives within us as our true self is never far away. We can awaken and remember in an instant, if we only have a guide to helps us learn how.

He would like to invite you to help someone in your life awaken to this Love within themselves. It really is what we are. He is currently raising funds to be able to produce more of these card decks, so he can share what he loves with the world and to help others live this Love.

You can learn more about what he has created here -> https://igg.me/at/chaching

What do you do with the Love you find?